Ловля сома, видео рыбалки

Fishing for catfish – video


Fishing for catfish is a real hunt, which takes my breath away of the fisherman. Com never gives up without a fight. This powerful fish up to 5 meters in length. Of course, such instances are very rare, but the three-meter fish is with us! Fishermen from all over Kazakhstan and other CIS countries come to the camp Завидоvo to participate in such a refined pleasure as fishing for catfish. Video fishing for catfish we place in this section.

Com on Kwok video

There are different ways of catching catfish. This giant fish are caught on a spinning rod. But there is one quite old way of catching catfish, which has recently become very popular in our area – Kwok. What is Kwok? This is a special musical instrument sounds which attract the fish to the bait. Kwok has a fairly simple structure: it is made of wood and metal. At Kwok is heel. For each tool, it has its specific form.

Kwok sounds of different frequencies. No one knows exactly why soms responds to sounds of Kwok. Perhaps these sounds resemble fish frog singing or sounds himself soms during swallowing food. There are different assumptions of this interesting phenomenon. Anyway, catfish on Kwok responds very well. We invite all fishers on our fishing base Завидоvо to try fishing for catfish at Kwok. Video presented in this section.