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Spearfishing video watch


World spearfishing is very diverse and attractive. If you have at least once in his life been in places for underwater hunting, was submerged with a crossbow, harpoon or other device, you will want to experience these feelings again and again.
Spearfishing on soma

Using an underwater suit for hunting and ruzya the hunter gets captured catfish weighing 74 pounds. It was an amazing sight. Fishing base Завидоvо you will be able to participate in spearfishing for catfish and other fish species.

Rules spearfishing and tactics

Place for spearfishing are a determining factor in the choice of tactics for the hunter. Now we will talk about how to hunt for fish in the lakes. In contrast to the flowing rivers, deep lakes water fairly calm and sedate, so the fish living there learned to respond to any approaching objects long before they appear in sight. Knowing the psychology of the lake fish, the diver can conduct a successful hunt where the fish won’t notice it: in reed-beds or other underwater vegetation. The hunter it is important to approach the fish, being with her in different planes: a little lower or higher.

Lessons spearfishing video

Equipment for underwater hunting – video review

What you may need to “trick”:

The spear gun or crossbow.
The fins.
The lantern.
The cargo.