Ловля змееголова, видео

Snakehead fishing video


Snakehead, or Chinese pike, is found in Kazakhstan recently. There was a time when the Central Asian snakehead diluted in a special pond. The fish hit the river Syr Darya by chance: the dam was washed out. Now snakehead can be found everywhere. Snakehead fishing in Balkhash has long attracted local and visiting anglers. Why this fish is such a title? If you cover the fish palm just above the eye, it really will resemble the head of a snake. Snakehead – fish assertive and greedy.

Particularly active pecks on hot days, and at night he caught a bad thing. Bait snakehead most common: in the spring it is very good bite on the earthworm, averse to regale and fry. But, there is a special delicacy, which ensures a good catch. This frog snakehead adores frogs. Fishermen even joke: how many frogs took so much and catch snakehead. And snakehead does not shrink even dead and badly torn frog meat. If you want to catch a snakehead is not the bait, you can use the gear and zakidushku. Zakidushku good use in places where there is a rapid current. We cordially invite you to the fishing base Zavidovo, where you can enjoy great fishing: fishing in our area are found not only snakehead, but catfish, chub, pike and carp. Some specimens of fish reach enormous sizes. Love the trophy fishing – welcome to our fishing base in Zavidovo!