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Fishing for carp in winter: the secrets of fishing for carp in winter


Fishing for carp in winter, with this theme, we begin a series of articles and video reviews about the exciting opportunities and the secrets of fishing in the winter. Karas, perhaps the most famous and popular fish. We used to come with fishing and bring home this delicious fish. But fishing for carp in winter has its own characteristics, knowing that you will be able to surprise your loved ones fried Karasik in this period of the year.

Let’s start with the fact that in winter the fish are actively biting in reservoirs, water which is enriched with oxygen. The most favorable places for habitat carp are those lakes and rivers, where there are keys and running water. Winter carp periodically rises out of the deep pits into smaller areas, with the purpose of power. A favorite feeding place for carp in winter are korjazhniki.

Videos – fishing for carp in winter

The most popular device for catching carp in winter is a rod with a jig. It is better to use a fishing rod with a leg and there are two reasons for this: firstly you do not hold a fishing rod in his hands and set it right next to the wells, second legs prevent the tightening gear under thick ice.

Carp – fish quite harmful, so tactics for catching fish in the winter must be active. It is important that the rod was sensitive nod. Make active steps different frequencies. Also worth experimenting with different types of jigs, of which there are many on the market today. The jig have a variety of colors and shapes, they are made of silver, lead and other materials. Should try different jig, it is no secret that the carp perfectly sees and hears in the water. Fishermen have noticed that in different situations the fish reacts to the jig in its own way.

How to catch carp in the winter?

The most effective tips for fishing for carp not only in winter but in summer are maggots, worms and butterflies. Do not hesitate to take carp and test, chatterbox, semolina and oatmeal.

Use of vibrational motion of the jig, lowering and raising it in the vicinity of the bottom. Periodically pause in the movements for a few seconds.

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