The hovercraft at Zavidovo Balkhash


The hovercraft is an interesting swimming vessel, the purpose of which is easy and free movement as on a dry surface and the water surface. Boats of this type are very quickly moving everywhere. The first hovercraft have been developed in the last century, in 1935, the designer of the USSR Century Levkova. Modern boats have been highly improved, some of them have a displacement of 150 tons.

Principle of operation of an air cushion boat

Air cushion is a layer of highly compressed air, which contributes to the raising of the boat above the surface of land or water. The advantage of this pillow is that the boat is in motion does not have the actual resistance with the surface, and therefore can move faster than a standard vessel. Boat cushions are widely used in military, water and security structures in the fishing business.

hovercraft in Zavidovo – video

On the basis of Zavidovo is modern boats on air cushions that can deliver fishermen in the most remote part of the island, where there are trophy instances of fish.