Fishing in winter

Winter fishing on the basis of

Winter is not an obstacle for a real fisherman. On the contrary, for some fishing lovers of winter fishing has its special charm. Fishing in the winter in Zavidovo is a very exciting experience. Because at the disposal of our clients there are the most modern and necessary equipment that will make the process winter fishing is very pleasant.

We offer:

• Comfortable winter tents with a heater. Fishing on the basis of this tent is possible even in adverse weather conditions. They are not terrible wind, snowstorm!

• Ready gear will help to get a good catch. In winter perfectly caught roach, carp, carp and perch. It is possible that you will be awarded trophies fish, which are teeming with our fishing grounds.

• Pre lured wells. You do not need to worry on what to fish. There are literally everything!

• Professional support. If you have never fished during the winter, don’t worry. Our specialists will help you to decide in everything. Will tell you about all secrets winter fishing will show fishing spots.

• Fishing for souls!

Interested in winter fishing on the base? Come join us. You will not regret it!