trophy fishing

The dream of every fisherman is not only the quantity of the caught them fish, but what are the dimensions of this fish. About the individuals enormous size compose the whole legend, write jokes! We are ready to make your dream a reality! On our fishing database is provided to you this trophy fishing!

At your disposal professional guides who can arrange an unforgettable active holiday, will reveal the secrets of fishing incredible size, will provide you with professional equipment for this trophy fishing. You will never be without a chic catch.

Trophy fishing in Balkhash is of course a catfish! Some individuals this voracious fish reach the huge sizes of more than 100 pounds! Rangers base Zavidovo know habitats and habits of soma. They will gladly help you to choose your options supplements with a selection of fishing equipment. Under their watchful guidance you will surely feel what a real trophy fishing.

In summer, fishing base Zavidovo catch zmeegolov, ASP, roach and carp, as well as large copies of the Amur, pike perch and carp. For comfortable fishing, you can rent a speed boat, “Wolfсraft”

Want to catch your luck and get a good portion of adrenaline? Please, contact us. Trophy fishing in Balkhash is our Forte!