Fishing in Almaty

Many novice fishermen are wondering what better fishing in Almaty or fishing on specialized fishing zones in the area unique Kazakhstan lake Balkhash?

Much depends on what exactly you want to get from fishing. If you are interested in a good vacation with your friends, you don’t want to stress myself a long road, and your goal is to just relax near the town, sit quietly with a fishing rod, fishing in Almaty exactly what you need.

If you are a seasoned fisherman and hunter, you are not satisfied with the small catch, you need a real adrenaline and the full and active vacation, come to us in Balkhash on new fishing base “Завидоvо”. Here is everything you need real man!

What are the advantages of fishing on Balkhash basis Zavidovo?

Fee fishing in Almaty to limit the volume of fishing. Many of the fishing zones are rules that allow the fish catch no more than 5 kilograms per person, and for the catch above the norm to pay. On our fishing zone 5 kg of fish, it’s nothing! In Balkhash are captured specimens of fish weighing more than 100 kg of Our fishermen never come home without trophies, and we do not charge for this additional cost. Doubt? Watch video catching catfish in Zavidovo. That’s the real fishing and it is by far not a limit.

We also offer a full rest of fishing time. Our guests live in super frames that are equipped with satellite TV, shower cabins, excellent bath, three meals a day nutritious food, and much more.

What will you choose? It’s up to you. I can say one thing: “Fishing in Almaty is good and fishing in Zavidovo is better!”