Spearfishing (spear fishing) – a way of the amateur fishing, based on the extraction of water bioresources (fish) the individual instruments of non-massive catch – your hands, harpoons, harpoon underwater guns, including search, detection, prosecution (or podkaraulirovanie or luring) and fishing in conditions of free movement of underwater hunter and target species in the aquatic environment.

Diving in apnea with the purpose of catching fish and other underwater inhabitants practiced since ancient times in various cultures from the Mediterranean to Asia. So from ancient Greece to the Korean and Japanese divers were getting out of the water sponge, various mollusks, algae and fish, what clearly shows even the image of the Greek god of the underwater world with a trident of Poseidon. Modern spearfishing – sport, cultivated in many countries around the world.

For many in the world of underwater fishing synonymous with sustainable eating, which can be loosely translated as “environmentally friendly power,” ie, conscious food intake with the environment in mind, which is especially important in a weight fall in shops selling quality fish. This concept is based on three simple principles: eat what you dig yourself; produce no more than you can eat; hunt diligently respecting nature. However, catching fish underwater breath-holding limited weight of natural factors and is very energy-intensive for the human body. In particular, “the diver №1» Jacques Cousteau recalled that during the Second World War, they were trying to get to his friends under water fish, however, the use of the fish caught could not fully compensate for the energy spent on its capture under water while diving in apnea.


A diver goes into the depths in search of fish

Spearfishing is usually performed with an underwater gun .. The main varieties of underwater gun: pneumatic speargun (Pneumatic) and crossbow. The pneumatic speargun shot is made by the injected compressed air. Crossbow shooting by rubber bands.

Very interesting, dynamic and exciting sport that requires excellent physical fitness of an athlete. Man is in aqueous medium at a depth, having only the supply of oxygen in the blood (a condition associated with hemoglobin) and lung. The athlete needs to know the habits of fish, their habitats, their efficient methods of production in relation to the body of water, season, day, weather conditions and so on. Spearfishing can be held in the coastal strip, and at considerable depths. Some underwater hunters can hunt at depths of 30-50 meters. Typically, breath holding in a static state (static apnea) on their surface more than 5 minutes.

Very important is the aesthetic component of the hunting process. Man opening a new page of the life of the sea, its inhabitants and spiritually enriching thoughtful beholder.

Spearfishing requires good physical preparation, as the hunter must be able to hold their breath for a long time and make some effort to move under water. You need to possess the technique of diving. Also, spearfishing has its own nuances and secrets. But do not fear! We are happy to provide our professional guides who are familiar with all aspects of underwater hunting, fishing spots and know insure in case of danger.

Spearfishing in Balkhash in Zavidovo – a real active holiday, an unforgettable experience, excellent fish trophies and pleasant service.

We are waiting for underwater hunters in our hearth and home.