We invite all lovers of hunting hunting base Завидоvо. Chic hunting within Kariiskogo hunting for wild boar, ROE deer, as well as flying and waterfowl will take a lot of pleasure even the most discerning lovers of hunting art! We have professional hunters with trained dogs for organizing an exciting hunt!
Boar hunting

Hunting for wild boar is very exciting activity that requires good preparation and availability of the hunting experience. The boar is quite aggressive in nature. Sensing danger or threat, he immediately tries to attack the enemy. The boar doesn’t matter who came out against him, the man with a gun or a pack of hunting dogs. He will fight to the last! His powerful blows boar can kill a dog. That is why you need to know how to hunt for wild boar. There are different ways to hunt for this amazing animal, let’s look at some of them.
Boar hunting with approach

When hunting approach to boar you need to approach from the side or rear, but it should be done very cautiously. It must be remembered that the wild animal is unpredictable, it can literally appear out of nowhere and quickly jumps on his opponent.
Boar hunting with approach should be accompanied by good preparation: the gun should be well configured and loaded. The hunter must be proficient with their weapons from different distances and to remember that the boar strong enough to wound. It is not surprising that hunting wild boars with approach evokes real hunting instincts, fascinating and “saturates” the body of the hunter adrenaline!
Boar hunting with dogs

Hunting with dogs on wild boar is another kind of hunting, which is very popular and attractive for hunting enthusiasts. There is also need good training as a hunter and his dog. Not every dog is suitable for Hiking on wild boar. Well adapted for hunting wild boar these dogs like huskies, jagdterrier, taxes, foxterrier and even ordinary yard dog, who readily perform commands hunter. It is important to consider the following: the dog must be patient and not aggressive. Otherwise, it will interfere with the process of hunting.
Boar hunting with enclosure

Corral hunting possible when there are many hunters with dogs. In this case, the hunters surround the area where you plan to meet wild boars. Pre-determined location to escape had been driven animal. The hunters despise dogs that literally combing the area and provoke boars focus in a certain place. Hunters neatly fit cornered boar back and make a fire. Boar hunting with enclosure similar to the strategy, it requires a real team spirit and teamwork of all players on the team. At the hunting Lodge Zavidovo we will gladly give you this opportunity!
Duck hunt

Duck hunt in Kazakhstan is one of the most popular types of hunting. We can say that the first hunt in the life of every hunter was hunting for a duck. Ducks differ from other ways of flights and other distinctive features, so it’s worth considering how to hunt ducks? At the hunting Lodge Zavidovo you will be able to participate in campaigns for ducks using models and mannequins. Hunting methods:
Hunting duck with approach

To organize the process of hunting ducks with the approach of the hunters determine the area of the reservoir, where it is assumed the presence of ducks. Hunters give water from different angles and produce vypuchivanija birds with the aim to put them on the wing. For this purpose different methods: screams, shots from a gun or strong clapping.
Hunter or several hunters bypass day reservoirs, where the chance meeting of ducks, vypivaut them and shoot while climbing on the wing. Sometimes hard hidden birds vypivaut by clapping their hands, shouting.
Hunting for duck with call

Call for ducks is a reliable and trusted tool for attracting ducks. Brass whistle makes a sound that resembles a duck voice of Drake. If you do everything correctly, then the hunter will be able to gradually bring the whole flock of ducks right into the place where he is sitting with a gun in ambush. To use the hunt with call for ducks better in inclement weather when it is raining. It was at this time ducks are more willing to respond to the sounds of semolina.
Hunting for deer in the fall

Methods of hunting deer is very similar to hunt wild boar. They also use tools such as hunting approach, corral hunting and. T. d. How to hunt deer?
Hunting the ROE deer paddock

A group of hunters is distributed to the rooms and beaters. The purpose of the beaters to raise as much noise as to direct the deer towards the hunters numbers
Hunting out at dawn. Perfect weather for hunting in the summer-autumn – breeze and light rain, as the hunter is easier to disguise. In winter, snow or wind. In contrast to wild boar, there is no need to hide, the main thing is to stand still, because deer have weak eyesight and still standing the hunter will not be noticed.
Hunting deer with call

Decoys for hunting deer are divided into 2 types: electronic monkey and normal. Meaning semolina is the following: electronic decoy produces a sound like the hiss of females during the mating season or simulates the sound of a baby who has strayed from the flock. It should be remembered that in some countries, such as Russia, hunting deer with call not allowed by law.
So, we invite all wishing to take part in an exciting process of hunting in Kazakhstan on fishing-hunting base Zavidovo. An unforgettable experience and pleasure from hunting and recreation guarantee on all 100!

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