Трофейная рыбалка Балхаш

4 hours caught 53 pounds of fish


January 12 was open personally-team championship field for sports ice fishing on fishing tackle. The winner was the team “Aktobe Hunter.”

Showed up for the tournament 12 teams, 36 fishermen sat holes to compete with each other.

- Each of the 12 teams had 3 people – says the winner of the tournament championship team representative “Aktobe Hunter” Azamat Erkebaev. – We arrived early in the morning on Aktobe Sea place “piles.” Originally planned to conduct two rounds. Every 3 hours. But let the weather, there was a snowstorm, so decided to hold one round in 4:00. The team of “Aktobe Hunter” besides me, also included Alisher Baimukhanov and Sayan Zhetibay. Organizers to line 3 zones. Team members were assigned to these zones.

Azamat Erkebaev Alisher Baimukhanov and Sayan Zhetibay from the team “Aktobe Hunter” each in his area took 2nd place. Team, which numbered fewer points is the winner. As a result, with 6 points “Aktobe Hunter” became the champion area.

- I managed to catch a little more than 3 pounds of fish – said Azamat Erkebaev. – Alisher Baimukhanov Naude about 3 kilos. About the same amount in the account Sayan Zhetibaeva. Now the level of fishermen in Aktobe increases. Very interesting was to compete. This year it is planned about 10 competitions.

Second place went to “The League of anglers’ Vitali Kitsak and another step of the podium trio took command of the” Three Pillars “. In general, participants in the tournament produced 52 kilograms 730 grams of fish.