Ловля голавля весной

Spring hunting for Chub


Chub is a fish from the carp family, has excellent gastronomic taste, has great strength and desperately resists after cutting, than can deliver a large amount of dedicated adrenaline when vyvazhivanii out of the water.

One of the coveted trophies fans to sit on the pond with a float rod and get pleasure from a fierce battle when playing a worthy opponent is a Chub.
He loves the Chub

Loves Chub places with fast currents and the presence of rapids, but his capture could take place in the river, with a steady flow. Fish of this kind has keen eyesight and very careful approach to the Parking lots and hunting for lovers of fishing for Chub is a complex task, as it is necessary to observe the precaution of masking.

However, the positive aspect is the fact that fish activity (feeding period) Chub occurs 24 hours a day, bullheaded, red beauties begins to actively feed on already the first of may, when the water begins to warm up and fry actively pushed upstream.
Fishing for Chub in may

In may days, look for this handsome man standing in the arms along the banks of rivers, over which hang tree branches. This is due to the fact that the silver handsome man likes to eat insects, and can jump behind them from depth to a height of up to one meter. As noted above, special attention should be paid to shallows where fish can hide behind stones and rest in the fight against the flow of the river.

Attention at the approach to the prospective place of fishing should be given to the location of the sun, which should be in front of the angler. This will ensure that there is no shadow on the surface of the water surface, which will scare the fish and reduce the likelihood of catching the trophy to almost zero.

Masking when trying to catch a Chub on a float rod is necessary not only to the fisherman, but also tackle. Bait should cling to the hook so that it completely hides it, and in any case not sticking sting. Any inaccuracy or sharp movement will scare away the fish, as well as incorrectly installed bait.
Baits for Chub

As bait on a hook it is possible to establish:

Works well fat.
Raw beef liver.
The stomach of chickens.
Not bad pecks Chub fry.
Large beetles (especially good use of the may beetle or larva).
Favorite delicacy of this predator can be grasshoppers, butterflies, bears, and other insects.

For the experienced angler it is no secret that the preference of the bait in a specific day is difficult to guess and it’s better to stock up on a wide variety of baits to ensure a good catch.

For fishing in may spring days the best bait for a float rod is still the may beetle, which is a favorite delicacy of Chub.