Ловля сома тактика на рыбалке

The right strategy of success when fishing for catfish


Catfish is quite dangerous predatory fish. Fishing for catfish there are a lot of features. This trip is significantly different from catching any other fish. I’d like to say that it is most convenient to fish from a boat. But it is worth considering that the boat-based rubber is not suitable. Need metal or at least plastic swimming tool. Boats from this material the most reliable. As the boat rubber catfish can drag along. And this is very dangerous. Because catfish dimensional fish.
Tips for hunting for catfish

One should not go for the catfish alone. It is necessary to have a partner that will help in a difficult situation. It is that, when a fish engages the hook, it immediately begins to snuggle up to the shore. Thus, the boat can easily carry over. In this situation, need immediate assistance partner, which will be able to sit on the oars.
It is also very important to take care of the reliability of the rope, which is fixed anchor. Nodes need to be strong, but at the same time easily be untied. This is necessary to ensure that during the bite quickly weigh anchor. Should be fixed in the upper part of the rope bright buoy.
Recommended casting the rods closer to the places where there are numerous pits and depressions. There is often live catfish. Therefore, the fish will quickly fall for the bait. It is very important to heed this recommendation, as it will help to improve the catch.

The process of catching catfish can be divided into two stages

The first includes the reaction of the fish to the bait. It also includes the process of hooking a catfish. And the second is to keep the fish on the hook. If you go to fish for catfish, the second item may cause serious difficulties.

I want to underline the fact that to catch fish more than 30 kg requires a very long time. Som is one of the most tricky fish to catch the hook, it is necessary to have a maximum patience and perseverance. These are the main qualities of each fisherman. It is very important to pick a good tackle, before you decide to go for catfish. This is the main requirement of successful fishing.

It is also necessary to choose a good bait. When it is selected should take into account the fact that the catfish are very sensitive to smell. That is why it is important to keep the bait in a place where it will not absorb odors.

It is better to use as bait half fish. While on the other hand can be applied to the whole. Of course, you can use artificial lures, but natural is better. Since catfish are very selective fish. He can feel the catch and does not bite at the bait.

It is also important to know what bait can be used not each fish. The catfish has special preferences. Most of this kind of fish likes ASP. Still useful to know what types of bait the fish are not biting. These include perch and ruff.

In conclusion, we can say that it is very important to believe in yourself, if you decide to go for catfish. Otherwise nothing can come out of this difficult undertaking. This is largely due to the fact that som is a very cunning fish. If you do not complete all of the above rules, the catch may be zero. It is necessary to listen to the experience of more experienced fishermen. If you want to participate in fishing for catfish, come join us for a fishing base Zavidovo in Kazakhstan.