Астраханская бутылочка

Tackle Astrakhan bottle, how to make


Next, the story will focus on a simple and affordable gear, invented by cunning Astrakhan fishermen and received the name “the Astrakhan spin the bottle.” It is intended for catching of predatory pike or walleye (at night). For its production from the angler will need a minimum knowledge of the principle of operation and cost 600 rubles for fishing line, leashes and hooks with sinkers, although as the latter can be used and lead available in the economy of any man who is fond of fishing.

Modern industry, providing anglers with everything necessary for fishing, does not stand still and every day offers new options for equipment, rods, spinning rods, all kinds of lures, different colors, sizes and devices.

Of course, if you have enough income to spend painlessly for the family money on trinkets, then you’re just Lucky. But most fishermen these devices and lures are not available because of the high cost.
What you will need for the Astrakhan bottle

For the manufacture of gear will need:

10 plastic bottles (throw out every day in the trash chute).
Ten pieces of rubber hose with thick walls 12 centimeters long,
fishing line 100 meters, with a diameter of 0.35 to 0.45 millimeters and test to 25 kilograms.
Leashes it is better to use store-bought, although you can make yourself from a wire thin rope, they will need a little more, it is better to prepare 20 pieces. This is due to the fact that the pike swallows the bait deep and in most cases easier to unfasten the leash and put a spare leash and hook.
The same need and hooks (it is better to take double although triple hook will not be superfluous). Another harvest weights weighing 8 – 10 grams, this is sufficient to deliver the bait at the desired depth.

The manufacturing process of the Astrakhan bottle

All this prepared you can start making “Astrakhan bottles”. From above hoses we make a through aperture at distance of one centimeter from top and we get in it a scaffold. Threaded end, a length of about 20 centimeters, at the end of the do loop, where the gear will be attached to the neck of the bottle. Measure up to 10 meters of fishing line and wind it on the hose. Preliminary in the bottom part of a piece of a rubber hose we make an incision in which we get the second end of a scaffold.

Next, mount the leash and install the sinker. The hook will set directly on the water, this will prevent tangling tackle in the process of storage and transportation. Making one tackle will take no more than 10 minutes. On the river you can take, according to the standards of the Ministry of natural resources 10 “Astrakhan bottles”.
Bait in our tackle

As bait use a small carp, which for a long time remain viable when installed on the gear, Rudd or roach, a favorite delicacy of pike. Set the bait two ways, by threading the hook under the top fin, or by threading the leash through the Gill slit and installing double hook with Nospanum fore.

Tackle installation is made as follows, tackle is attached to the neck of the bottle, the fishing line is unwound with the required depth of installation, the fishing line is wound into the lower slot, where it is fixed. Set live bait, the method shown at the top, the bottle is lowered into the water. Installing the gear, we watch them and get pleasure from fishing carnivorous fish or perch on the float rod.