Рыболовные ящики для снастей

Fishing tackle boxes


Experienced fishermen can find a lot of fishing gear and accessories. To keep everything in order, you need to buy special boxes with different modifications.

They are adapted for transporting fishing equipment, catch and food. They can also be used as a seat. The upholstery material of the drawer must be heat-insulated and do not allow water.
Characteristics of the fishing box

Before buying the first thing you should pay attention – the size of the box. For float fishing will be an ideal option low and capacious box. And for catching on a spinner-light and high model. This is due to the fact that you need to move a lot. Many fishermen choose the medium option, which is suitable for different types of fishing.

The boxes are made of durable plastic. All models have a handle to comfortably transport them. The fishing box has two compartments: lower and upper. On top of a spacious space for the most essential fishing items. The fishing box is divided into a large number of cells and partitions, separate from each other by plastic plates. They can be easily removed and rearranged. Thus, the Fisher independently defines the sizes of cells. Most of the fishing boxes are made in the form of a multi-tiered sliding design. Each tier consists of cells of different sizes. Fishing boxes are quite capacious.
The versatility of the boxes

Fishing box is perfect for both beginners and professional athletes. With him, the fisherman will always know where that is, and will not spend a lot of time looking for the necessary accessory.

Boxes for fishing are convenient because they are equipped with a handle and a belt to carry, they weigh little (thanks to the plastic – the material from which they are made). They are relatively inexpensive, so that everyone can afford them. Also there are boxes made of steel. The material is durable, but very heavy.

The lower the price of fishing equipment, the lower the requirements for the manufacturer. Ukrainian and Chinese brands have a simple appearance and the same filling inside. They are of average quality and can last only a couple of years.

More serious bags are presented at expensive known brands: Marco Polo, Salmo. But not always a great price speaks about the excellent quality of the goods.