рыбалка в ноябре

Fishing in November


Features of autumn fishing – a change in the behavior of fish. They change their summer habits, start different to eat, leave the usual Parking, and more. In autumn the days get shorter, the air colder water that affects the fish.

Different fall fishing tactics and fishing. For example, you should not try to lure a certain fishing spot, as the fish swims around the pond in search of food, and not looking for a Parking spot. Fall fishing becomes more active. You will have to sh in very different places and experiment with accessories. In addition, nozzles in the fall must necessarily be of animal origin.
Fishing in November

November is the time of the pre – winter and fishing is becoming more difficult, but the true fans still bring the joy of fishing.

In November comes the winter fishing. You can often see precipitation in the form of snow. Most often, the Nov pushes the desire to go fishing. The frosts begin. The ice appears a little brown, and fish becomes uncomfortable. To get on the ice more, as it is not fully grown. To go on the ice with extreme caution only if its thickness is 6 cm When the first ice, the fish gathered in shallow water, where there are still remnants of grass. In November catching fish in the shallows is a pleasure. But large or skittish fish you can see at a distance up to 4 meters and it will be to avoid this place. In such cases, the need to darken the ice. Catching should be bright baubles. For vertical blesneniya, use long and narrow spoon.

The ponds still covered with ice, but already cleared of vegetation, and the water was clean and cold. The fish left the shallow, went deep into the sea, became less mobile. At this time, you can still use different gear, but it is best to go to the ground and spinning, and looking for fish in the pits, behind the shoals.

As fish from the coast have moved away, it is appropriate to catch from a boat using, for example, the bottom gear. Summer bits have to forget, the fish will bite just for the animals, it is best to use bloodworms, maggots and worms. Fishing in November is more focused on the fishing of predatory fish, and predators prefer live bait or frogs.

For example, the bass is very undemanding and will be caught on the ground and the flight feathers are the bait, only worms or baitfish. To get as perch and spinning vibrohvosta equipped with a spinner or Twister.

It is best to fish in cloudy and warm, calm weather.
Predator pike a big fan of frogs, as well caught on the nozzle “dead fish”, is produced pike spinning, Gerlich, in the transaction.

In late autumn, in the cabin, in deep areas with slow flow substantiates the perch, he prefers fatty worms and live bait and caught it on the float rod or a ground rod.
In November, almost stops biting carp, bream and catfish, and occasionally can please IDE, trout, grayling, Chub, and then only to the animals of the nozzle.

In the third week of November the frosts come, the ponds are covered with ice. At this time, the fisherman requires more attention and caution as the ice may be thin and therefore, in pergolide the most convenient place for fishing on comparative shallow water, during this period, the fish are mainly going there at the edge of the grass.
If the ice is transparent, fish with a three-meter depth sees a fisherman and goes to another place, so you should cover the ice at the edges of the hole with some branches.

In late November, when pergolide, predatory fish constantly changing their place of residence, it is better to catch on the bevel of the pits or in shallow water, where going to a small fish.

At depth with a small passage at the winter float rod caught IDE, bream, ruff, roach. If you put imitation fish in the hole, you may be lucky and caught walleye, pike or perch, ground with bird guts or lard, left overnight, can attract burbot.
When the ice is finally, catching fish all day. Good bite is provided in overcast but calm weather with a small cold.
Fishing in November at Zavidovo

Soon will come the new winter season of hunting and fishing on the lake Balkhash. Despite the weather, fishing on our database never ceases to be fun, on the contrary, we expect a large number of lovers of winter and ice fishing in our area. Here you will be able to catch and perch, and large pike and a pike perch and burbot.
How is the fishing in November you can see in the video: