рыбалка на белого амура

Fishing for carp video


Carp has always attracted anglers for its tasty meat, heavy and interesting fishing. One representative carp – white Amur. It can grow up to 30 kg with a good forage base. Fishing in the Amur river is always an interesting exercise. How to catch it you can read here or from the video.
Where to catch

As Cupid herbivores looking for something else especially in ponds with lots of vegetation. Most often it is caught in:

Waters with slow flows, overgrown with grass;
In areas with flooded trees or shrubs;
In ponds, where it is specially bred;

Shallow areas of ponds with lots of vegetation and constant heating from the sun.

White Amur is found most often on the surface, so it is not particularly difficult to see from a short distance. His droppings are clearly visible on the surface of the water like a duck. Also, if the presence of the Amur in the pond you notice frequent spikes and bubbles on the surface.

To catch a Cupid better in the evening or at night. Cupid is very cautious and shy, so at night will be less likely to scare him with his presence.
Catch Cupid under the following conditions:

The water temperature is not less than 15 degrees;
Quiet and windless weather;
The heat has to be at least 5 days to water time to warm up.

The best season for catching carp is the period from may to October. In the spring of Amour, more readily takes the bait as he feels strong hunger after the winter period. When the temperature of the Amur begins to lead a mobile life and to actively feed.

In summer, Cupid is starting a new wave of fish, but it needs to be able to interest, as in this time it has a natural food.

In the fall of the Amur can be caught only in the beginning when the water is still warm, or during the period when the Sunny weather is worth a few days. At this time we need strong tackle and plenty of bait.

Winter Cupid is not caught, he is sleeping and not powered.

What caught Cupid, and what he eats, you can read here.

Learn more about fishing for Amour, you can see in the video:
Fishing for carp video

Fishing for carp tips

Fishing in the Amur is the lesson which will appeal to not only seasoned fisherman, but anyone. Especially you will enjoy fishing on the Amur on the fishing base Zavidovo, where Cupid is grown especially for you.