Прикормка для линя из крупы и червей

Bait for the Ling of grains and worms


Lin is considered the fish very finicky and careful, however, because of its taste it is very much appreciated in the circle of anglers. His meat is very tender and fatty, which can only be compared with pike meat. Since ancient times in Russia very much appreciated Lin, it was considered a Royal meal of peasants.

But still, catch this fish is quite difficult and you need to work hard to Lin caught on the hook. It lives in ponds and rivers with a weak current and strong silty bottom with the presence of reeds and vegetation.

In today’s world there are many ways to lure any fish of different aromatizatorami and groundbaits, Lin is no exception. But not everyone can afford such expensive bait, so anglers are experimenting with the choice of bait at home with simple ingredients to create one.
How to prepare the bait for the tench

The most common bait, according to most anglers, Amateurs and lovers of sport fishing is the lure of cereals with chopped worms. For its preparation will need:

pearl barley,
Hercules groats and barley groats in proportions of two hundred and three hundred grams.

All these ingredients should be thoroughly mixed and put to boil on a slow fire until tender or just to fill in for one hour of hot water. While grits are infused you can dig up worms. Worms should be about about a hundred, hundred and fifty pieces well, or if someone does not like the lesson, then you can do small bloodworms.

With the help of a sharp object such as a knife or ax, it is necessary to chop worms into small pieces. After that, chopped worms should be added to the established compartment and mix well.

This ready to bait some anglers add vanilla. She is a very strong smell and gives the bait a pleasant aroma, which readily reacts Lin. However, it is not necessary to add too much vanilla, as the tench can be wary and stay away from the fed place.

After making bait, you should be sure in its action. For this reservoir, where Lin needs to make some zakarov. It is best to feed small portions, the size of your fist every two to three hours. Anglers who live near the reservoir, have their tame linëvyy place.

And that the fish always stood in the place of fishing, they prefer to feed these places every day and successfully catch tench throughout the summer fishing period.