Ловим линя на поплавочную снасть

Catch Lin on the float tackle in the spring


Lines can be caught using different types of gear, but it is better suited for this float rod. What gear to choose, and what elements of the snap to use, we will consider further.

There are several important points that should be taken into account when fishing tench:

when fishing from the bottom, it is better to use a small sliding sinker;
when playing fish has a large enough resistance. That is why use a flexible and easy rod to jerk fish well quenched;
the rod needs to bend along its entire length;
tooling can be of different types. For a dull snap the length of the line should be no more than one meter. When you hear a snap, use the rod with a length of four to five meters;
applying the running equipment, the fisherman has the opportunity of a longer casting;

Kind of tackle to select for Lin

To catch the scoring tench you need to choose a snap, which should be receptive, but at the same time, strong. As a rule, fishermen use standard accessories. Yet, focus on gear a little more detail.

The float is desirable to have a standard. It is attached to the fishing line by means of a rubber Cambrian above the rest of the gear. Use lead pellets. They are convenient, as they move to any place. The leash shall not be less than thirty inches (Ling fish is very shy). Of course, for fishing you will not be without hooks (preferably very sharp No. 14-16). If you use the centrifugal pole, not necessarily on it to install the coil. The fishing line can be quite thick.
Technique and tactics of fishing

When fishing tench use float tackle with different types of equipment. Lower the bait to the bottom. If bait is completely submerged in the sludge, it is necessary to perezapustit several times. In the free from the bottom of the vegetation, the ground, play head (so to significantly increase the chances to catch a tench).
Tip: lower the bait almost to the bottom, as the fish prefers this option more than others.
What bait prefers tench

Depending on the pond, you can use a variety of bait, as each place has its own feed base. If you come to an unfamiliar place, it is better to ask about the nature of the bait from local fishermen. Lin – fish omnivorous. When fishing, you can use:

earthworm. Keep in mind that Lin can not take on worms prepared in advance, so they should accumulate near the fishing spot;
universal nozzles are moths and maggots, and they are also quite suitable for Lins;
can be used not only an organic bait, and vegetable (e.g., various cereals);
it is possible that this fish may be interested in leeches, planted on the hook in the form of bait;

We can assume that Lin-a real trophy for the angler. For its successful fishing you will need patience and caution, but the pleasure derived from the fishing process will pay off everything with interest!