Новичок на рыбалке

(Russian) Как подготовиться к рыбалке. Советы новичкам


Properly prepare for fishing-wait for a good catch. This rule is known to all experienced fishermen. What about the newbies? Don’t worry! After reading this article, you will become better versed in the intricacies of fishing.
Choose a fishing rod

Depending on the specific reservoir, select the rod. The main criteria for selection should be the ease, strength, and flexibility of the rod. If you are going to fish on the river, or from the boat, enough spinning with a length of two to four meters.

In the case when fishing will take place on the lake or pond, pick up a plug rod, the length of which can reach up to seven meters.
Fishing line-the key to success

First of all, you need to decide which class of fishing line to use. Braided fishing lines have a small diameter, but at the same time a large margin of safety. Them more efficient to use for fishing for large fish. Just note that the braided fishing line is visible to fish, non-elastic, and there may be problems with tying knots. Use this fishing line is as leashes, or when fishing for spinning on live bait.

Monofilament fishing line is usually used in most cases. This species has many advantages:

great strength;
does not fade;
Resistant to tearing;

Pay attention to the elasticity of the tackle (the softer the fishing line, the more elastic it is). The disadvantage is the expensive price, insufficient strength and rapid aging.
Selection of coil

Proper coil selection is the key to success. It should fit the rest of the gear. More flexible float rods are equipped with small light coils, set on the spinning reels large.

The choice of fishermen offers a variety of products, which are divided by type of fishing, the material of manufacture, the size of the spool. For fishing with a small float rod in closed waters, feel free to choose an inertia reel.

If you are going to the river, it is more efficient to work spinning model, designed for long casts.
Select the rest of the tackle

For fishing on the pond special gear is not required. Take a small float with a balanced sinker (this can be done on the spot). On the river, with a reel for long distance casting float tackle set weighing from 10 to 25 grams with a heavier load. Balance tackle can also be directly on the spot fishing.

Depending on what fish you are going to hunt pick up fishing hooks. Detailed scheme of their fastening you can look at the package.