Как нужно ловить рыбу весной

How best to fish in the spring


Spring fishing compared to summer has significant differences. What tactics to use, we will consider in this article. The advice from experienced anglers. They will be able to help you effectively fish throughout the spring.
March for fishermen

Almost every fisherman knows that spring waters come to life. After melting the ice begins active biting of white fish and predators. Pike, Chub, perch mate. This process lasts until the end of April.

March is characterized by successful fishing on the rivers of fish squad carp, bream, pike, barbel float tackle, using as bait red worms, and, of course, bloodworms.

Tackles with spinners of small size for fry, worms, and moths can successfully catch predatory fish. Large ponds and rivers with a strong current will also give you a good and exciting fishing. While the water of the rivers remains murky, with fishing, better to wait, as the fish takes the nozzle.
Fishing in April

Passed the first month of spring, the fish begins to prepare for spawning, that is, to fatten fat. Behind them come out to hunt predators. At this time, good fishing in the wiring, you can catch night burbot. Pike is not so actively caught on live bait and spinners. In the morning and in the evening at great depth can catch walleye and big perch.

Small rivers are quickly released from the ice, the water becomes clean. At this time, a beautiful fishing fishing rod in the transaction. Thus, you can catch roach, bream, Chub, spruce trees, minnow.

At the end of the month the fishermen were out on the shoals, and actively to catch on the spinning of a good Chub, perch transcripts. On the big rivers and lakes should go after the process of active fishing on small rivers.
May fishing

May days are characterized by a good cool Rudd, roach and bream. Late in the evening and at night on a large worm can catch catfish. On large lakes and reservoirs are caught by spinning and circles, perfectly caught Podust, and large bass. In the third week of may, Chub and roach caught by bad wiring.

Another kind of fishing – fishing on the river, boats, dams, etc. is Used mainly the jig. When fishing from the shore is more effective to catch a long rod in order to deliver the bait as far as possible.

For effective fishing it is necessary to know the catchy places where there is a high probability of a big catch. These include “Windows” on the water, the snags, the place next to the piles.

Many fishermen note that spawning fish in may no longer bite. React to the bait of those inhabitants of the waters are either spawn, or you are just going to do it.