Донная удочка донка

Characteristics of ground rods, donkey


In this type of fishing this type of fishing does not require special skills and professionalism. Bottom fishing rod universal, it can be used almost anywhere and in any places for fishing: on the shallows and snags, the water arteries of fast-flowing and without it, clean water or stagnant. You can fish both from a boat and from the shores of the reservoir. This kind of bait, “submit to” all fish species are predatory fish species, and those that swim on the bottom and on the surface of the pond.
What it is, bottom fishing rod

A ground rod includes the fishing rod and fishing line. Usually, the best option looks like the following:

meter rod of wood on top draped with a loop of fishing line.
Rods or udilnika can be made of different materials ranging from bamboo and finishing fiberglass. Sure, on one end must be present motoviltse or coil of fishing line and the other end should be pointed to be able to stick in the ground.

Some professional anglers use both spinning for donkey rod spinning fishing rod on which a reel of different variations: from the inertia reel to baitcasting. The best option is two-handed rods because you can throw long distances. It is also very important condition is elastic and the rod that guarantees you catch a big fish.

This is the advantage of bottom fishing rods from spinning. Fishing line needs to be of good quality and versatile, it is necessary to consider what type of fish you intend to catch.