чем питается белый амур

What is the white Amur


The white Amur, aka grass carp is a river fish and something like Chub.

Carp has an elongated, cylindrical body, slightly flattened on the sides. Color light green darker on the back and whitish on the belly. The free edge of scales dark. On the body visible patterns, as if the months are lined up one behind the other in a row. The back part of the mouth slightly fallen away. Can reach a weight up to 50 kg.
What is the white Amur?

Carp what to eat when grown in a pond or lake? In the beginning, being still young, it feeds on zooplankton. When he grows to 6 – 10 cm of his intestine is longer and he starts eating plant food. The ratio of the body to the intestine of the Amur is 1:2 or 1:2,5. The main diet of the white Amur are algae and other vegetation. But as it relates to the carp, he sometimes can eat fry of other fish. When growing in the pond it is not particularly fastidious food, and eating food intended for the common carp.

Most Cupid like hair algae, the grass is soft, but sometimes hard and eats charophytes of rogolistnika, duckweed and reeds.

Cupid eats the stems of yellow iris and hard stems of cattail, although optionally can consume them if experiencing a shortage in food. Dislikes sluggish Buttercup and buckwheat amphibians.

Too much strain Cupid is not love, so seeking the most affordable food and prefers soft, thin stems and drooping into the water on the leaves of reeds. When he did not have enough readily available food, it becomes illegible in food and grabs everything that comes, including plants growing above the water, he pulls out straight from the roots and pulls water. Floating and nibbled one of the plants in the pond talking about the presence of the Amur in the pond.

The optimal feed temperature of grass carp from 25-30 degrees. At this temperature, it is able to eat from 100 to 120% of its weight of food. Food is digested very quickly, and one that does not have time to digest, either becomes fertilizer or food for the carp. Winter is not powered.
The growth of carp

It grows very quickly. The larvae have a body length of up to 5.5 mm. Reaching sizes up to 8 mm of the Amur fry begin to actively feed. Growth depends on water temperature, density and availability of planting food.
Planting density

Planting density of the Amur river and a dense planting of natural food is very important. The more vegetation in a pond, the more should be planted Cupid. Productivity depends on oxygen content in water and food during the period of cultivation is from 50 – 100 kg/ha.

When in a pond with common carp and Amur carp should not compete for food. Planting grass carp cost effective, which increases the productivity of the pond. In the absence of natural food, you should reduce the number of grass carp in the pond.
Feed efficiency

Feed efficiency of aquatic vegetation 20-70, terrestrial plants, 20-30, and artificial feed — 5-8, i.e. it is higher than that of carp. Therefore, to conduct a feeding carp in the pond unprofitable.

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