Corporate events

Corporate team building.

Where to start organizing team building?

Organization of corporate tembildinga includes a number of stages. The basis of the event – a clear statement of objectives, development strategy, the choice of team-building programs and training activities with – organizational issues.

The objectives of the organization team building:

the formation of a cohesive team;

transition from conflict relations between colleagues to cooperate;

increasing personal responsibility for the overall result of each employee;

development of team spirit;

establishing a positive atmosphere in the work collective;

identification of competencies of each employee.

In addition to selecting the goals and programs, organizing teambuilding requires the need to identify the venue, food delivery staff. To cope with the solution of these problems is beyond the ordinary marketers, HR-manager or staff psychologist, since it is necessary to know the intricacies of teambuilding activities and have experience in this field. Therefore, many companies prefer to order the heads of team building professionals. Professionals in the field of team building trainings know the nuances and peculiarities of this process and ensure the success of the event.

Corporate team building on the “Zavidovo” – an original way to combine business with pleasure. The comfort on the shore to celebrate, excellent fishing, muster courage and a good rest. Activities at the “Zavidovo” will be satisfied with all of your employees.

The base takes up to 60 people.

Corporate team building in nature is a great success. And base “Zavidovo” is the best choice for your company. Riding on ATVs and snowmobiles, joint visits trophy, sitting near the hearth on the bank of the river, where you can brainstorm, karaoke battles and more.

This is the key to your team unity.